Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Boys Cake Menu- Petite Dessert

Infused Chocolat Mousse
size: 38mm x 38mm
price: 30 pcs for RM65
(infused with candied lemon, lime or blood orange peel additional of RM5)

Baked Cheesecake
size: 38mm x38mm
price: 30 pcs for RM75 infused with imported flavouring either hazelnut or macadamian nut
(infused with strawberry puree, blueberry puree, rasberry puree or fresh cranberry additional of RM10)

size: 1 bite
price: 2 dozen for Rm25 with custard cream filling and dusted with snow sugar

Mini Strawberry Tartlet
size: 1 bite
price: 2 dozens for RM50 with medium size strawberries